a gifset entitled "what do you mean I don’t watch for the plot" (part II)

…did i forget to eat today…?

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i’m so overwhelmed this semester

between classes and ballroom and now choices

so many assignments due every week

so many research papers to research and write

i haven’t even found a topic for my law research paper yet

or finished the extra readings my professor gave me

i haven’t read a fic or written a word since i got back to school

i haven’t fucking finished unpacking

we’re not even a month into the new semester and it’s only going to get harder from here on out

how do people do this

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Don’t cry Rin (´;д;`)

FUTURE FISH - Rin's Version
Artist: Miyano Mamoru
Album: Free! Eternal Summer


Free! Eternal Summer ED Theme:

FUTURE FISH Solo Version - Matsuoka Rin

Included as a bonus for pre-ordering Free! Eternal Summer Character Songs Vol. 1-5 at “Toranoana" before 13 July 2014.

Haruka | Makoto (not found yet) | Rin | Nagisa | Rei

Note: I do not own this song as it has been circulating around in the net that it become difficult to find who originally posted it. If you happen to know,  please tell me so I can credit them.



it’s really frustrating, as a writer in fandom, the way fans on a platform like tumblr consistently undervalue fanfic

to post things we’ve labored over, things we’ve put our hearts into, to share these things because we love the characters and the relationships and we want others to engage with us and our feelings for them—and then to watch our labors of love die out with a mere handful of notes, while we see beautiful fanart and gifsets go viral, thousands upon thousands of other fans sharing and resharing and expanding upon our works with their own thoughts and feelings…

it’s really discouraging

stop just liking fic posts. reblog them more. show writers that you care, and show them how much. share their work with everyone else, so they can experience it too.

#we don’t write just for ourselves #we write for an audience too #to take meaning from public art you need a source and you need an audience #it’s a shared experience #a communal experience #we engage with fandom for that feeling of community #but fandom just keeps letting writers down #this applies to meta too #it’s a labor of love but that love often doesn’t feel reciprocal #that you just like it tells me nothing #how did it make you *feel*? #i want to know the details


i’m quite fond of pear-shaped m’gann


i’m quite fond of pear-shaped m’gann




Morgana || “Valiant” (1x02)

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Future Fish
Artist: Rin/Haru

Left: Rin Matsuoka (Mamoru Miyano) 

Right: Nanase Haruka (Shimazaki Nobunaga)

Merlin meme: [1/1] Characters
Arthur Pendragon "Take heart, for when Albion’s need is greatest: Arthur will rise again"